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October 2018

Artwork inspired by Melinda Hackett.

October 2018


We have been investigating changes of state including predicting and observing how chocolate changes when exposed to different temperatures and also how water changes state inside our 'mini water worlds'.

September 2018

Trip to Old Sarum Castle

We walked to Old Sarum Castle on a lovely sunny day to learn more about the history of this fantastic place as well as studying the surrounding landscape. Back at school we will be mapping our journey and linking our topic learning to our visit.

September 2018


In science, we investigated whether gases have weight! 

September 2018


In Geography, we have been learning about how symbols are used. We investigated Ordnance Survey maps to see how symbols are used on these and then created our own matching cards game using the symbols.

Lynx Class

Year 4


Welcome back to a new school year!


Lynx class have been settling back into school very well and getting used to new routines. I'm looking forward to getting to know all the children better and have got an exciting term of learning planned.


Key information


PE will be on Thursdays and Fridays - please ensure that you children bring the correct PE kit on these days (white/blue tshirt, navy shorts, trainers/plimsoles and also navy tracksuit bottoms and top when it gets colder).


Home learning will be handed out on Fridays and will be due in every Wednesday.


If you would like your child to leave the classroom on their own at the end of the day (even if they are only walking to another classroom to wait with a sibling to be collected by an adult) please bring in a signed 'walking home alone' permission slip as I am unable to let them leave the classroom alone unless we have permission for this in writing, for their own safety.


Miss Moore

Dragon Descriptions

Tuesday 20th March

Healthy Eating Sessions & Ready Steady Cook Challenge

The children actively participated in a healthy eating session today. They learnt about the importance of a balanced diet; identifying food groups and daily recommendations. 

The children thoroughly enjoyed the Ready Steady Cook Challenge where Mrs Tubbs and Mrs Maddison came head to head in the red and green kitchens. Both members of staff cooked delicious dishes!

Friday 7th March

Literacy 'Newspaper Articles'

This week, the children have been writing newspaper articles about the recent storm 'Beast From the East' and the local disruptions. They analysed recent articles and used these ideas to create their own. Examples of these can be found above.

Tuesday 4th March

Life Education Bus

Today, Year 4 visited the Life Education Bus. The theme of our session was 'Its great to be me'. The children learnt about how we are all different and the ways in which we can be 'good friends' by accepting and celebrating differences.

Tuesday 27th March  

World Book Day

We had a great book day, celebrating books we love and dressing as our favourite characters. The day was full of dragon adventures, with a visit from the author and illustrator M.P Robertson who told us all about his books, showed a video of his pet dragon and showed artefacts from his top secret dragon collection.

The children were taught how to draw a dragon and wrote some fantastic dragon descriptions, a selection of which can be found above.

Friday 23rd February

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning 'Good to be me!'

This theme focuses specifically on feelings. It explores feelings in the context of the child as an individual, developing self-awareness and helping the child to realise that it really is ‘Good to be me'.

It is about understanding our feelings as well as considering our strengths and weaknesses as learners. It aims to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in three key social and emotional aspects of learning: self-awareness, managing feelings and empathy. The theme focuses on:

  • understanding feelings, and why and how they lead us to behave the way we do – excited, proud, surprised, hopeful, disappointed, worried and anxious;
  • self-awareness – feeling good about myself, taking risks;
  • managing my feelings – relaxing, coping with anxiety;
  • standing up for myself – assertiveness, standing up for my views.

In Year 4, we focused specifically on how we respond to arguments and conflicts. We learnt how to be assertive and stand up for our views.

Wednesday 21st February

Year 3/4 Gymnastics Workshop/Festival

On Wednesday Year 3 and 4 were visited by Lindsay Broomfield, from Youth Sport Education, who led a gymnastics workshop. Both classes were taught how to perform simple routines which some of the children performed at the Gymnastics Festival on Thursday at St. Edmund's Girls’ School.


Friday 9th February

Safer Internet Day @ Old Sarum

Safer Internet Day 2018 was celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”. On Friday 9th February, we got involved to help inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. 

These are just some of the aspects we explored:

-How we connect with your friends and family online.

-When we communicate using the internet we can’t be sure if other people will always understand what we mean, because…

-The key ingredients we need to feel happy and good about ourselves online.

-How we can make sure we are a good friend online.

The underlining message is about being a good and kind friend and taking care of each other online. Our online responsibility is to always share respect in whatever we create and however we connect.

Education packs for parents and carers can be found using the link below: 

Thursday 8th February

Programming 'Slug Trail'

In computing this term the children have been observing working programmes and decomposing their elements; choosing and adapting ideas to create simple algorithms and multiple sequences of their own. The slug follows the mouse whilst leaving a slimy trail. If it goes out of the road it sets off an alarm.


Monday 29th January

Official opening of the new building

On Monday 29th January we held the official opening of our new build. Staff, governors and pupils from the school were joined by our special guest Dr Phil Harding (of Time Team fame) who also opened the original building in 2011, representatives from many of the companies that helped us to create our wonderful extension, Wiltshire Counsellors and officers and other members of our local community. It was a lovely event that has marked a special time for the school. During the 'special assembly' classes presented visitors with outstanding learning. Year 4 read poems in theme of 'freedom' which were chosen to be published as a result of the young writers competition.

The finished products...


Thursday 11th January

Today we met artist David Bowers who will be working with the children over the next two weeks to produce a mosaic. We presented David with our design ideas inspired by artists Kandinsky and Frank Stella. The children had many questions for David when they met him today and are very much looking forward to contributing to the mosaic on Monday.

The mosaic project has kindly been funded by the PTA.


'Let's explore!'

This week in Science, the children have been exploring a range of electrical toys/games/equipment in an attempt to answer the following questions:

What makes the toy move?

What causes the buzzer to sound?

What can you make with these resources?


I was impressed with the children's ability to reason using scientific vocabulary.

Thursday 4th January 2018

Welcome Back and Happy New Year

It was great to see you all back after Christmas and hearing the children telling friends of their festive experiences. We have had a great start to the term and the children have dived straight back into learning.

Today we were fortunate enough to have a team from the dental department of the NHS come into school to remind us about dental and oral hygiene. We had an activity book which we worked through during the session and learnt about tooth structure and acid attacks. We were also given some toothpaste and a toothbrush to take home with us.


Friday 15th December

Merry Christmas!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the children and their families in Lynx Class a Merry Christmas. The school will be closed to all pupils between Monday 18th December 2017 and Wednesday 3rd January 2018. I have sent home learning for all pupils to complete during the 3 extra days of closure. If for any reason you did not take your work home, it can be found below.

Sleeps 'til Santa

Today- Friday 15th December-Year 4 can be heard singing the Christmas countdown Sleeps 'til Santa on Spire FM. It can also be found on their website should you not hear it on the radio. 


Thursday 14th December

When the children return to school after the Christmas break they will be in their new classrooms in the new building. Today we had the chance to go and look around the new building and see our new classroom. We were very excited to see the fantastic new facilities.


Wednesday 13th December

Young Writers

I am delighted to inform you that a number of the poems written by children from our class have been chosen for publication. Parents of children who have been selected for publication have been written to.

Tuesday 12th December

On Tuesday we had our Christmas lunch and there was lots of Christmas spirit!

Friday 8th December

Today, we sadly said our goodbyes to Mrs Walker who is due to have her baby in the new year. We would like to thank her for all her help and support in the classroom and wish her well for the future!

We would like to welcome Mrs Thorne to the team!

Road Safety Week

20-26th November 2017

Road Safety Week is the UK's biggest road safety event WHICH AIMS to boost awareness and PROMOTE LIVE SAVING MESSAGES. This years theme: SPEED DOWN, SAVE LIVES!
Friday 24th November

Diabetes awareness Month 2017 #BlueNovember

On Friday 24th November, Hattie and her fellow pupils dressed in blue to raise both awareness of diabetes and money for the charity.  The class spoke about the realities of diabetes and what life with diabetes is really like. Thank you to all those who wore something blue and made a contribution.

Hattie explains 'a life with diabetes' below:


Tuesday 7th November

P4C day

What a thought provoking day we've had! The children have thoroughly enjoyed engaging in fruitful discussions; holding one another accountable for good reasoning. They were very excited about welcoming Tom Bigglestone,  our ‘Philosopher in Residence’ back and demonstrating how we use philosophy to extend thinking and deepen understanding.

Here are some of the questions raised and details of the discussions we engaged in:

What is the most useful number? Children were devastated to hear the news that numbers had gone on strike. We discussed what impact this would have on society, a society without numbers. Children raised many issues including the absence of salary, employment including medicine and hierarchy.

"A life without numbers, is not worth living!" Isobel Moody.

We used Shaun Tan’s picturebook “The Lost Thing” as a stimulus earlier this week. A story of a boy who comes across a bizarre creature and endeavours to find out where it belongs. First we discussed how we knew the thing was lost using evidence from the text. Next, the pupils were asked Is it possible to be ‘just plain lost’?, Can you be lost in somewhere you belong? Children had some interesting ideas and raised the question 'Do the homeless belong anywhere?  Are they always lost? '

"You cannot be lost, if you don't belong somewhere" Megan Winter

Finally children were asked to order the containers, containing various materials from least to most full. The children were able to identify the materials (solids, liquids and gases) and posed the following questions: Does a liquid fill more space than a solid or gas?, Does the capacity of a liquid determine how full up the container is?, Is mass greater than capacity?

Thursday 2nd November

On Thursday 2nd November, Year 4 visited Salisbury Museum to learn about the Romans. They completed a number of activities one of which included making a Roman pot shard with decoration. They also used character cards and costumes to become Roman characters and work out how hierarchy worked in Roman society. The school received high praise from the session leader for behaviour and existing knowledge. What a fantastic day!


School Councillors                                 Members of the Sports Team                        Members of the Eco Committee


By Isobel Moody

The water cycle in action!

'Window' by Jeannie Baker

By Joseph Butler

Friday 13th October


Collaged Self-Portraits

Don't they make a fantastic display? Who can you identify?

Stories with issues/dilemmas

This term in Literacy we have read a selection of stories which raise issues/dilemmas; summarising the key points in each paragraph. We have stopped to predict the outcome of an issue or dilemma, exploring possible courses of action and written our own endings based on drama and discussion. Children have written their own stories arranged into chapters. We have discussed how to write the opening to set the scene and considered ways to draw the reader in. Above are some examples of our writing.

Friday 6th October

Roman Ruling

This term, Lynx class have been learning about the Roman Empire and it's impact on Britain. This week, they were taught about the Roman ruling systems and asked to consider the advantages and disadvantages for each. They used the atlases to identify countries under Roman rule. See below for examples.

Tuesday 19th September

Today we had the pleasure of listening to 'bed time' stories written and read by Year 6. What an inspiration for writing!

Direct and Reported Speech

This week the children have been learning to identify examples of direct and reported speech, discussing their similarities and differences. They have been revising how to punctuate direct speech.


'Playing the part of particles'

Children thoroughly enjoyed playing the part of particles today. They stood in rows tightly packed together to represent solid matter, moved forwards and backwards close to one another in order to illustrate the liquid particles and moved quickly in all directions to demonstrate gas particles.


How can we prove the existence of gas?

Children have been using resources to create evidence that gas exists. They submerged sponges in water and observed the air escaping in the form of bubbles and attempted to compress bottles with lids on, comparing this to bottles without lids. They also weighed inflated and deflated balloons, comparing their mass and investigated how smell travels. They used their scientific evidence to answer questions and draw conclusions.

"Smell travels by particles. The liquid particles mix together with the air particles and move" Emma Wilkinson.

"That's why smell spreads through the whole room!" Sam Brockway.


Friday 15th September


In Reading this week the children have been drawing on their inferences to create an audio /written version of the book 'Window' by Jeannie Baker. They have been using her illustrations to identify common, proper and collective nouns and finding adjectives to describe them. The children have enjoyed identifying how the view from the window changed over time and began discussing the issue of sustainability.

You can listen to our class audio above.

Friday 8th September 2017

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

Today we began our SEAL theme 'New beginnings'.

This theme focuses on developing children’s knowledge, understanding and skills in four key social and emotional aspects of learning: empathy, self-awareness, social skills and motivation. The theme offers children the opportunity to see themselves as valued individuals within their community and to contribute to shaping a welcoming, safe and fair learning community for all. Throughout the theme, children explore feelings of happiness and excitement, sadness, anxiety and fearfulness, and learn shared models for ‘calming down’ and ‘problem solving’.

Today the children made their own ‘new child’ using their imagination and a range of household or craft materials. They chose particular characteristics for their ‘child’, for example those which might make it easier/not so easy for their ‘child’ to fit in. They were challenged to keep their 'new child' with them at all times, helping them to fit in. On reflection the class agreed that it is not only important to show someone new to the classroom how things work and help them fit in, but it is also necessary to take an interest in them and where they come from. The class decided to create a 'Welcome pack' for new children joining the school.

The class also thought about the new build as a new beginning and each child decided on one thing that they would take with them from this class to our new class. They were also asked to consider one thing they would leave behind. These things were both tangible, such as the computer, but also intangible – for example, kindness or a sense of humour.



Monday 4th September 2017

First day back and we're off to a flying start!

'Identifying and representing numbers using different representations'

The children thoroughly enjoyed using the manipulatives to represent numbers beyond 1,000.



Tuesday 5th September 2017

States of Matter

Today the children have been busy comparing and grouping materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases. They used the properties of each state to classify the materials correctly. The children are already questioning if and how materials change state.



Tuesday 5th September 2017

Summer Research Project 'We are Great Britain'

In preparation for this term's topic, the children were asked to carry out research about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. The children produced some wonderful work that is now on display in the classroom. They are looking forward to learning more this term.


Roman Ruling Systems

Home Learning

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Lynx Class

Year 4


Home Learning Term 5

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Year Four Tennis Tournament

On Thursday 8th June, a small group of children from Lynx Class had the opportunity to represent our school at a tennis tournament held at Riverside Tennis Club. We were fortunate that it was a beautiful day and the children were involved in a lot of matches. They showed determination and real sportsmanship, working hard to score points and congratulating others on skilful play.

After the tournament we reflected on our day: 

Libby - "It was really fun, I enjoyed taking part."

Amelia- "It was nice to plan in a tennis tournament, I liked being there with my friends."

Dylan - "It was EPIC, I had so much fun!"

Charlie - "I would definitely do it again. I have loads of energy and want to play more tennis."

The children are particularly proud because they have inspired the rest of the class to play tennis. We are now developing our skills as a class during our PE lessons.


Home Learning Help- Term 5 Week 2

Here are some useful websites for finding out further information about the lives of Victorian children. 

The Digestive system - Science 

It was fun...It was messy...It definitely got us talking! Today Year Four made their own digestive system using some surprising pieces of equipment. Can you identify which components were used to represent the different parts of the digestive system and their functions? (See the clip for answers) 




Zambian Weaving Lesson


The class welcomed our Zambian visitors during the first week back at school which created a wonderful buzz. We were able to demonstrate how to programme during a computing lesson and explained some of our maths learning. 

As a class, we were lucky enough to receive letters from the children at Kaunda Square Primary School in Zambia. The letters gave use some information about their favourite subjects, the meaning of the Zambian flag and asked us questions about our school. We enjoyed working in pairs to reply to the letters, thinking carefully about what would be interesting to share with children who live in a different country. Cole and Megan decided to draw and write about the Union Jack. Amelia and Jordon responded with details about their hobbies and Sarah and Kelvin explained which subjects are their favourites at school. They certainly felt they had a strong purpose for their writing!


We've been designing, printing, measuring and stitching...The Zambian cushions are almost complete!
We've been designing, printing, measuring and stitching...The Zambian cushions are almost complete!

Thursday 27th April 2017

Today the children continued to use coordinates and were able to describe movements as translations. We used the beebots to check the resulting coordinates in the first quadrant! 

"I loved it because it helped me learn about coordinates." (Emma)

"I liked using beebots to try again if it didn't work the first time." (Troy)

" I really enjoyed making the beebot move left/right and up/down, just like the points on our coordinates grid." (Jay)

"I liked seeing the beebots move to other coordinates." (Elise)

Have a look at our pictures below to see us at work and the results of our discussion. 


Year 4

Welcome to Lynx Class,


We have had a busy but exciting start to the year, the children have quickly adjusted to the new classroom and members of staff. In the last couple of weeks we have already completed science experiments, sung along to mumma mia and become portrait artists. Pictures and recordings of these activities will follow soon.

Key Information

Miss Lawton is the class teacher and is support by Ms Penny and Miss James. 

Things to Remember

PE is on Mondays and Thursdays. The children are all expected to have PE kit in school including trainers suitable for outside so that we can continue our netball sessions this term. 

Home learning will be given out on Fridays in the blue home learning book. All tasks are expected to be completed in this book using pencil unless stated otherwise, it will be due the following Wednesday.

We will complete our times table and spelling tests on Fridays. These will have been handed out alongside the home learning the previous Friday.


Mathletics is a brilliant online resource for practising a range of curriculum areas, including times tables. I will be uploading some useful web links that relate to our learning across the curriculum, I hope you find them helpful. Have a look at the class curriculum map this term to stay up to date.


More updates to follow!

Miss Lawton

Curriculum Map Term 1