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Falcon class - 2019 - 2020

Week beginning 8/6/20

Week beginning 1/5/20

Week beginning 18/5/20

Thursday :) 

New book! :) 

The final chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ... 

Week beginning 11/5/20

As always Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be returning this afternoon - whilst I am trying to make sure they are daily, sometimes I have found this is not always possible due to other commitments. Thank you so much for those of you tuning in, it was lovely to hear how much you are all enjoying listening when I spoke to you last week :)

Wednesday 13th - the penultimate chapter!

As you'll be able to see - lockdown is beginning to take its toll in the length (and tidiness) of my hair! The end of the chapter also takes me by surprise and spot my counting mistake - even teachers make mistakes (but shhh don't tell anyone!) enjoy :) 

Monday 11th - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ... 

Week beginning 4/5/20

Dear Falcons,

Hope you are all well and looking after yourselves - this week I have also included some VE day activities below our weekly learning.

75th Anniversary V E Day - Friday 8th May

Friday 8th May is a very special day this year. V-E Day stands for Victory in Europe Day. It marks a very important event in World War 2 - the end of the War with Germany on Tuesday 8 May 1945. This year marks the 75th Anniversary so I have also attached a selection of activities around V E celebrations you can do as well.


Something a bit different - The Rosetta Stone website are offering three months free for children - the chance to learn new languages :) 


Missing you all, Miss Townsend :)

Wednesday 6th May 

Tuesday 5th May 

Monday 4th May - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :)

See below for some activities from - 'Find your brave' all to do with mental health and wellbeing :)

Thursday :) 

Wednesday :)

Monday :) 

Week beginning - 20/4/20

Hope you all had a restful Easter break, below are the activities for home learning this week. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will also resume picking up from where we left off!

Thursday ... even more chocolate and the inventing room! 

Week beginning 20th April - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ... 

A huge hello to all my wonderful Falcons - I hope you’re all looking forward to the first instalment after the Easter holidays of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - enjoy! 

Tuesday and Wednesday’s reading is below the video posted Monday - not 100% sure why but I am currently unable to move it! Starring Jess the dog! 

Easter Activities

Hello everyone!

If you want some ideas/inspiration for fun things to do in the Easter (when mainly staying indoors) then have a look at our Easter Activities below. 

We hope you are all well and are all keeping safe and looking after one another. 


The KS2 teachers (Miss Townsend, Miss Moore, Mr Mawdsley and Miss Sharp)

Apologies for not posting this week as I had said I would, unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my own control I’ve had to leave it this week - I hope that you are all keeping safe and well - I’ll resume postings after the Easter holidays! :)

Week 2 - school closure pack:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory reading to resume Monday - will aim to post by 5pm each day :)

Will post the videos under the current home learning pack and will leave the older videos up for those of you joining us slightly later.

Friday’s reading - apologies for how late it is! 

Thursday :) 

Wednesday :)

Tuesday - enjoy! And a big hello to all my lovely Falcons and your families! 

Monday - chapter 7

30 day lego challenge
30 day lego challenge

The sunshine edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and end of week 1.

Will be back Monday with more :) now we’ve all gotten a little bit more used to the way things are running during the school closures I should be able to get a little more consistent with times and daily readings - enjoy! 

As promised - the bedtime edition if Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Goodnight Falcons and see you tomorrow for the next chapters :) 

Charlie and Chocolate Factory - chapters 2 and 3 below: 

Apologies for not posting yesterday and thank you so much for the lovely email I received this morning from a parent in my class after listening to the first installment! Will post a second reading this evening to make up for not posting yesterday :) 

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - chapter 1: Here comes Charlie. Read by Miss Townsend 

Something I was sent via another class teacher ...

Class updates:

I am also going to endeavour to post a daily reading of a chapter of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’ our class book - feel free to tune in each day from Monday :) 


If you are choosing to self isolate at home there are a few things that you can do ...


Maths: Use your times table rockstars and/or mathletics logins.

English: Check out the Oxford Owl website where you can access e-books with a free login.

Spelling: The year 3/4 statutory spelling list.

Topic: Research around the Egyptians.

Year 3/4 spellings

Egyptians easter project

Raising awareness about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene

Due to the recent concerns about the Coronavirus, we have been talking about various ways to help minimize the risk of spreading harmful germs.

Watch the Newsround video link below to remind yourself how to wash your hands thoroughly.



With a very creative teaching assistant like Miss Saffioti we have been taking advantage of lots of her artistic skills during our reward times. We have also been focusing on portraits and the artist Julian Opie. 


This week we’ve been having bean learning about how we can protect our planet. We had lots of fun trying meat free and dairy free foods. 

Check out the year 3s mastering subtraction with exchange! 

Science in action! 

Having fun in our drama workshop in preparation for the playhouse project! 

2018 - 2019

The Playhouse Project ... progress :)

After the success of the Horrible Histories theatre trip and with the final two terms under way, the children in Falcon class have been working hard on their playhouse project! Last Friday they had Becky in from the Playhouse to work with the children creating larger than life physical characters. Lots of fun was had throughout the morning with lots of very funny positions and poses!

Term 5 - looking towards the end ...

Arggghhhh! It is a very scary thought that the Falcons are coming ever closer to the end of the year and moving up to year 4!!


This term we have some seriously exciting learning coming up!


Mayflower trip - Horrible Histories Live: Awful Egyptians.

Please make sure that all children come into school Friday 26th April no later than 8:45am as we will be leaving the school at 9am.

Can you please make sure your children have the following:

  • Bag
  • Packed lunch (hot dinners - you will be provided with a packed lunch from the school)
  • Water bottle
  • Coat 
  • Any travel sickness medication needs to be taken before coming into school that morning.                                                              


                                                                                               Image result for ancient egyptians

Term 3

This term we have been lucky enough to have been given a fish tank to care for from Maidenhead Aquatics as part of the Fishkeeper Fry programme!

Here are a few of our pictures so far of setting up the tank before we get the fish!

Our first fishkeeper of the week goes to Chloe! Well done Chloe!

Medium Term plan for term 2

Falcons class 2017-2018

RE / P4C - 6.10.17

After reading the Hindu story of Rama and Sita we discussed the question - Is it important to have evil in our world? The class were split almost in half by the end of the session. Here are some of the children's responses:

'If we didn't have evil the police wouldn't have jobs.' Cameron.

'There are still lots of jobs the police can do without catching baddies.' Lucy.

'One day everyone might turn evil because good people will learn from bad people.' Elliot.

'Having evil things isn't fair on good people.' Daniel.

'We won't get stronger for when bad things happen if we don't have evil.' Jack.

'Being evil is a choice people make. You are not born evil.' Josh.

'Religion wouldn't exist because all religious stories have evil in them.' Aya. 

D& T - 28.09.17

We have been investigating packaging in D&T this term. This week we began practicing to create a box using a net, developing our cutting and folding skills. We learned that you have to be precise with this or it could all go wrong!


Music - 14.09.17

Today we had our first recorder lesson! We learnt about the importance of a good posture when playing a recorder and began by learning how to hold a recorder to play the note B.


Topic - 12/9/17

Today in topic we were learning about how people survived in the Stone Age. We created a survival guide for a Stone Age person considering the challenges they might face, tools they may need and what they need to do in a day to survive. We then had a pack of cards with key actions that people would have needed to do to survive. We then ordered them thinking about the actions they thought would be most important to achieve first to stand the best chance of survival. 


RE - 6/9/17

In RE this week we were thinking about belonging to a group of people. In groups we decided on something we all had in common and created a group name, logo and rules people would have to follow if they joined our groups. Here are some pictures of our logo designs and ideas. 


Topic - 5/9/17 

As our entrance point to our topic this term 'Stone Age to Iron Age' we studied cave paintings. We looked at the Lascaux cave paintings and how replicas were created so that people today can view them without damaging the original paintings. The children used torches, chalks and paper under tables to create their own cave paintings. Here are some pictures of the painting taking place.

Year 3 Falcon Class - 2016 -17...

Scroll below to find out more!

Performance Day 'The King of the Fishes'
Performance Day 'The King of the Fishes'

Tuesday 4th July

Year 3 Sports Day!

Year 3 Recorders Performance

How to climb The Magic Faraway Tree

By Emma Wilkinson

By Liam Reynolds
Why you should choose Old Sarum Primary
Why you should choose Old Sarum Primary

Pen Pal Letters

Pen Pal Letters

Year 3

Design & Technology

Photograph Frames

In Design and Technology children have been investigating free standing structures (Photo Frames). They have designed and built a structure (Photo Frame) of their own using a range of tools and exploring how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable.



Thursday 7th July

Mathematics (Fractions as numbers/operators on set)

This week in Mathematics the children have been learning to count up and down in tenths. We have been unitising counters and using these to illustrate equivalent fractions. The children enjoyed finding and comparing one tenth of different lengths. They have developed an understanding that tenths arise by dividing by ten.


Tuesday 5th July

Recorders Performance

Year 3 performed in assembly on Tuesday. It was lovely to see so many parents attend and support the children and to see what they have achieved in music lessons with Mr Priestley this year.

Wednesday  28th June

Wiltshire Library Bus

The Wiltshire Library bus visits Old Sarum monthly. Children with a Library card can choose from a range of books to borrow. The children are delighted to see the bus arrive at school and are very eager to borrow new books. It has been wonderful to see the children choose books by a particularly author. Our favourites included: Michael Morpurgo, David Walliams and Enid Blyton. This term we have been reading 'The Magic Faraway Tree' by Enid Blyton and the children have been writing instructions 'How to climb the Magic Faraway Tree' drawing upon their inferences and evidence in the text. Examples of these can be found above.


Philosophy for Children

All classes welcomed Tom Bigglestone our ‘Philosopher in Residence’ this week. Tom will work with classes on a weekly basis throughout this term to extend thinking and deepen understanding. Children will pose topic based questions and engage in fruitful discussions; holding one another accountable for good reasoning. This approach to teaching and learning will be embedded in the curriculum. Here is an overview of our work with Tom:

Week 1: If the hands fell off a clock, would it still be a clock?

'Small talk before big talk' activity on teachers and first names as warm up. Usually, ethical questions prove an easier 'in' to P4C, but I was pleasantly surprised that this didn't immediately hook them and the metaphysical question of what makes a clock, a clock did! So we ran with this and heard a range of views about functionality, history and comparisons with other ideas (school without pupils, people without hands) as a means to support opinions, which was brilliant.

Week 2: Writing our own Playscripts

Using your topic of Plays and Playscripts, we used the Titanic script to show how scripts can be used to present different points of view. We also did some 'Philosophy in Role', which helps pupils become more emotionally invested in the decisions they are making in response to the script. I could have carried this on, and not only heard more reasons for where they were stood, but also let them form their own ideas for who should get the lifeboats (cue things like youngest first / those with most important jobs / etc). and could have debated them. I deliberately cut it short so it was just an example, so we could do a bit of a processshowcase in the second half. These rarely lead to the deepest philosophy, but to use a sports metaphor, I think understanding the rules and tactics of a game are as important as anything else. We took ideas for more relevant arguments on which we could write our own play script-eventually deciding on 'A child who wants to go out and play but their mum says- no'.  

We had one half of the class coming up with arguments for the former, the other for the latter. We then heard reasons back and forth, and pupils writing them on the whiteboards to physically form the script.  What was pleasing was that not only a) they weren't threats, but genuine reasons and b) they responded directly to each other. The latter was assisted by a fair bit of scaffolding, but it's a good way of showing how sometimes points need to be sacrificed and left at the roadside if the discussion moves on.

Week 3: What would you take back to the Stone Age?

After a warm up question of what objects would you sneak through time-travel customs to benefit the Stone Age, we moved onto what ideas you would take. We ended up with three main suggestions: instructions, school and vegetarianism. We discussed which would be best of the three, with pupils making several connections between each one (a school that taught vegetarianism, for example) and using such connections to justify taking one over the others.

Week 4: The Naughtyometer

Pupils constructed the Naughtyometer and they chose to discuss the pair: stealing food from the school canteen vs someone’s lunchbox – which is worse? One pupil suggested the lunchbox was worse because it had been made especially for that child. Another countered that the cooked food is also made especially for pupils, just on a wider scale and by different people. And it’s still your food, even if a portion hasn’t been made specifically for you! Some argued that it’s worse to take from the canteen because they have put more time into cooking it, and they also cater for allergies.

Week 5: What is ‘you’?

Mrs Tucker had already got the pupils warmed up with some active warm-ups from the Philosophy Cicrles handbook, so on my arrival we jumped immediately into a thought experiment: if I was to take remove Kodi’s and Hattie’s brains, and put Kodi’s brain into Hattie’s head, where would Kodi be?

Liam: Kodi is still in her body, because that’s where her soul is.

James: There is a possibility that Kodi is in Hattie, as Hattie might now have all of Kodi’s memories.

Isobel: Kodi would be in her own body because there’s where he spirit is – my idea is similar to Liam’s

Faith: You are made up of your blood and veins, as well as your brain, and your brain can’t keep you alive without these, so Cody is in her body.

Imogen: Kodi would be where she is now, but she would be like a baby as she has no brain.

Dasha: I disagree with Imogen about how she would be, because babies have brains and use them to learn to do things. And on where she is – your brain control you, so Kodi would be in Hattie

Liam: The body is like a shell, so Kodi’s soul would be in there but she wouldn’t be able to think.

Owen: I agree with Liam, Faith and Imogen - KodI would still be in her body.

Orlagh-Mai: Your brain directs you, and tells you what to do…

Me: Orla has been using ‘YOU’ a lot, and we have also been using words like soul, spirit, blood, memories, and brain to describe ‘YOU’. What is ‘you’?

We had a short discussion about this last question, with one pupil using brain signals and movement to demonstrate how his brain controlled him, and so was him. Another girl gave an impassioned and well-reasoned argument on how we were our memories, because piece She also gave an example of a recent class birthday party that made her who she currently was.

We finished with a 'Magnet' exercise on 'Your brain is you' and half the class stood relatively near, to show agreement, and with others at varying distances. I was very impressed by one boy who announced to me that he thought the mind  and body d come up with the same argument as Descartes hundreds of years ago.




Thursday 25th May

Investigating Light

In Science this term the children have learnt that they need light in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light. They have noticed that light is reflected from surfaces and that shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object. This week the children enjoyed using shadows to create puppet shows.   

Friday 19th May

Scooter Skills and Swimming

Well this week has been full of fun and learning, of course. The children enjoyed scooter skills on Tuesday; learning how to ride safely. They also enjoyed their first swimming lesson at Durrington Leisure Centre. Swimming coaches remarked on their impeccable behaviour. The children are already looking forward to the next lesson.

Wednesday 17th May

Creative home learning

The children were asked to create an advertisement for our performance ‘The King of the Fishes’ on Friday 14th July at 10.30am in the Salberg Theatre at Salisbury Playhouse. Here are some of them:


Thursday 11th May

This week the children have been learning to add and subtract amounts of money to give change, using both £ and p in practical contexts. The classroom shop has been open all week and the children have enjoyed choosing items from the shop to purchase. They have been using the part, whole model to calculate the total cost of their shopping and their change from a £10. See examples of children's work below.



Friday 5th May

This week the children have enjoyed reading stories with familiar setting; comparing and analysing words and phrases used for description. The have been taught to recite the story 'The Tunnel' and have been writing descriptions to describe the unfamiliar settings. I have been very impressed with the children's choice of adjectives and ability to edit writing for errors in punctuation and spelling. Here are some examples:

 By Imogen Hibberd









By Orlagh-Mai Tyrrell










By Isobel Moody 


By Kodi Everard


By Joseph Butler


Friday 28th April

Zambian Visitors

Falcon class have enjoyed spending time with our 2 Zambian visitors this week. They have been showing them their work, taking part in singing assemblies, and have had the opportunity to ask them questions and find out about Kuanda Square School in Zambia. They were particularly excited to receive letters from their pen pals and enjoyed writing letters in reply. We hope this is the beginning of new friendships.

Wednesday 30th March

Wessex Archaeology Visit

On Wednesday 30th March, Rachel Brown (Educational Officer, Wessex Archaeology) visited the school. She planned and delivered a workshop in Falcon class, supporting our current class topic 'Archaeology'. The children had the opportunity to examine and sort finds; identifying the period of time in which they originated. Rachel was impressed with the children's knowledge and praised their behaviour.



Friday 3rd March

African Drumming Workshop


Thursday 2nd March

World Book Day Fun

One question: Where's Wally?


Friday 24th February

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning

'It's good to be me...'

'Its good to be a Falcon...'

Children have been sharing and celebrating their qualities, skills and achievements. Here are just a few of our achievements.




Tuesday 7th February

Safer Internet Day

'Be the change: Unite for a better internet'

Monday 6th February 'DT-Healthy Sandwiches'

Today the children produced their sandwich snacks which they designed; selecting an ingredient from each food group to ensure a balanced diet. The children were taught the importance of hygienic food preparation and how to use tools safely and effectively. Finally they evaluated their product against their design criteria. There were some unusual combinations that tasted surprisingly good!



Thursday 2nd February  'Zambian School link Artwork Project' 

Children in school produced a wrist/hand cut out; using collage papers, drawings and writing to personalise. They added words to describe themselves and things they enjoy. Children in Zambia will produce similar art work and both will be shared between schools.

Wednesday 25th Janua

ChemLab Science Assembly

The children had an amazing experience when chemist Professor Tim Harrison from Bristol University visited our school today! The event fitted in perfectly with our class topic 'Weather around the world'. The children learnt about the water cycle, including the formation of clouds and changes in state of matter.

Monday 23rd January

Bread from around the world!

As part of our DT unit 'Sandwich Snacks' the children tasted different breads from around the world. Brioche, croissant, flatbread and soda bread were just a few our favourites.




















Wednesday 18th January 2017

Falcon class were fortunate enough to tour the playhouse today and observe a theatre at work; engaging with staff and exploring the stages.
They were fascinated to see how a production is developed backstage and are looking forward to performing there in the summer term.



Monday 12th December 2016

On Monday 12th December, Falcon class visited Old Sarum community centre to meet Parish councillor David Burton. The children took part in the playground consultation; looking at the drawings and expressing their views on the design. This was a good opportunity for children to engage in local community plans.


Friday 9th December 2016

Falcon class has an exciting visit to the Playhouse on Friday to watch 'Aladdin'. The performance was fantastic and everyone had an amazing time. The visit supported the Year 3 Playhouse project they are currently working on. Next Year, the pupils will be working on their own performance.

Wednesday 9th November

On Wednesday, Falcon class met Kate Robinson from Salisbury Playhouse as part of the playhouse project. They all took part in the workshop 'What's the Theatre?'. Kate used a wooden model to explain what happens in different rooms of the playhouse. She bought along props for children to look at and costumes for children to try on. Children were particularly fascinated by the fake blood that Kate showed them!


Thursday 20th October 2016


Falcon class were visited by Zoe French from NHS oral hygiene who taught the children about sugar quantity and how to care for their teeth.






Falcon Class Creative Home Learning 'Iron Age hillforts'

Wednesday 12th October

On Wednesday 12th October, Falcon class visited Old Sarum Castle. The children enjoyed exploring the site and discovering how the area evolved over time. Mrs Tubbs was impressed by the children's knowledge and manner in which they represented the school.



Adding/subtracting amounts of money

Adding/subtracting amounts of money

Thursday 25th November 2016 

Author 'Julia Donaldson'

Last term Falcon class sent a letter to author Julia Donaldson following an author study. The children looked closely at some of her work and wrote letters which included detailed book reviews and questions they would like answering. Today we have been sent a reply and the children are delighted!

We can make 3-d shapes using modelling materials.

Meet our new school councillors.
Meet our new school councillors.
 Homework-Term 1 Week 2.docDownload
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Sadly, Falcon class say goodbye to classmate Millie and wish her well at her new school
Sadly, Falcon class say goodbye to classmate Millie and wish her well at her new school

Spectacular volcanic eruptions in Falcon Class.

The children made the volcano using recycled materials. They then created a chemical reaction using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to imitate a volcanic eruption.

Falcon class enjoyed using the microscopes to identify properties of rocks with Mrs Tucker.

Falcon Class Home Learning Guide

Curriculum Map Term 1

Our first recorders lesson with Mr Priestly.