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Week beginning 8/6/20


Hello Lynx! I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely, sunny weather. Here is your project for this week. I would love to hear some of your times table raps!

Have a good week.

Mrs Wakeman

Week beginning 18/5/20

Week beginning 11/5/20

Week beginning 4/5/20

Dear Lynx class,

Hope you are all well and looking after yourselves, this week I have added another document with some VE day activities.

75th Anniversary V E Day - Friday 8th May

Friday 8th May is a very special day this year. V-E Day stands for Victory in Europe Day. It marks a very important event in World War 2 - the end of the War with Germany on Tuesday 8 May 1945. This year marks the 75th Anniversary so I have also attached a selection of activities around V E celebrations you can do as well.


Something a bit different - The Rosetta Stone website are offering three months free for children - the chance to learn new languages :) 


Look after yourselves,

Miss Townsend

Just thought I would share with you all this FANTASTIC stop motion video about V.E day created by Freya :)

Week beginning 27/4/20

Dear all of my lovely year 4s


Unfortunately I have a sad message for you today which I had really hoped to give you in person but didn’t get a chance before school closed. After the Easter holidays, I will be starting a new job at a different school so won’t see you all when you come back to school (whenever that will be!) I have absolutely loved teaching you this year and am so sorry not to have been able to say goodbye in person. I hope you are all staying safe at this strange time and I’ll look forward to checking our webpage to keep up with what you all get up to when you’re back!


Sending you all lots of happiness and hope


Miss Moore x

Week beginning 20/4/20

Hope you all had a rest over the Easter period and managed to enjoy a little bit of the sunny weather we've been having. Below are the activities for this week :)

Easter Activities

Hello everyone!

If you want some ideas/inspiration for fun things to do in the Easter (when mainly staying indoors) then have a look at our Easter Activities below. 

We hope you are all well and are all keeping safe and looking after one another. 


The KS2 teachers (Miss Townsend, Miss Moore, Mr Mawdsley and Miss Sharp)

Week beginning Monday 30th March 2020

Hello year 4! Below, I have uploaded the work for this week. Just like last week, the work is designed to last all week, with one activity being chosen from each section each day. If you do not have time for this or there are some activities that you would like to do each day rather than choosing a different one each day then that's fine! 


I hope you are all staying safe and finding ways to talk to your friends without meeting up in person :)


Miss Moore

Week beginning Monday 23rd March 2020

I have uploaded the work for this week below. The project page is designed to last from Monday to Friday, with one activity being chosen from each section per day. Please remember that this is a new and unexpected situation from parents and children alike and we are absolutely not expecting you to stick to a rigid timetable each day unless you decide that this is what works best for you. If you or your children begin to feel overwhelmed, take a break! 


I hope you are all feeling well and have enjoyed having some sunshine through the window or in your garden.


Miss Moore

School closure - message from Miss Moore 

If your children are staying at home after Friday 20th March, school will be providing work for the children to do at home. Some of this will be internet-based (if you have access, though we understand not everyone will be able to do this), some will be written and some will not require any resources at all! We will post work for the week each Monday.


However, please also remember that your own and your children’s mental health is paramount at this strange and ever-changing time. School closures provide an opportunity to spend time together, talk, play and relax as well as carrying on learning. This is a situation that none of us had anticipated a couple of months ago so please don’t panic about frantically keeping up with every bit of learning that the children would have been doing at school ordinarily! This is a fantastic time for you to take the opportunity to teach children any life skills that they haven’t already tried – perhaps tying shoelaces, budgeting, cleaning and tidying (pairing socks keeps my two occupied!) as well as practising things they would do at school such as practising telling the time and cooking.


If you wish to use them, here are some resource links to help support your child with their learning at home:

Reading  This website allows you to download ebooks for free, with activities linked to each book

Maths     This website has a range of fluency and problem-solving activities for children to try. Children should have passwords for this – please get in contact if they have lost or forgotten it    Times tables practice! As with Mathletics, children should have their passwords but please get in contact if not

All subjects           Free subscriptions are available at this time using the code UKTWINKLHELPS       Keep up to date on the news in child-friendly language!


Hoping you are all safe and well.

Miss Moore

March 2020

Raising awareness about the importance of hand hygiene

Due to the recent concerns about the Coronavirus, we have been talking about various ways to help minimize the risk of spreading harmful germs. 

Watch the Newsround video link below to remind yourself how to wash your hands thoroughly.

March 2020

We all really enjoyed dressing up and taking part in World Book Day! 

March 2020

We have been learning about the importance of washing our hands regularly and thoroughly. This week we watched a video to help us to make sure that we get our hands as clean as possible. Watch this space for details of an investigation we are going to do about germs!

February 2020

We had great fun taking part in our “Healthy Me” workshop today, learning about the foods that make up a balanced diet as well as how to stay fit. We really tired ourselves out during the circuit activities! 

February 2020

We have been learning about electricity in science and have been investigating circuits. Here we are investigating whether different items and materials in our classroom will conduct electricity.

January 2020

We made robots using junk materials which we then used in our writing lessons to help us write instructions so that someone else could make the same robot as us.

January 2020

We enjoyed our clay work so much that we decided to invite our parents into school so that we could teach them what we had learned. We all had a wonderful afternoon.

January 2020

We learned about and practised a range of skills with clay to help us to create magnificent dragon eye sculptures which we had first designed into our sketchbooks.

December 2019

We learned about and explored different levers in DT and used what we had learned to make our own moving Christmas pictures.

November 2019

We finished our art unit, applying our knowledge and skills to produce some beautiful representations of Salisbury Catedral using colour to show emotion and applying printing techniques.


We have been having fun learning French days of the week. We have practised these in lots of ways including writing them in the air, saying them out loud and writing them on each other’s backs!


We have also been learning about sound in science. We saw how a drum skin vibrates to create sound when you hit it, watched the ripples that sound can create on water and also investigated how different materials absorb sound.


On a wet day, we rescued some worms from the playground to stop them from getting stood on! We put them into our raised beds in the garden so that they could help the soil.

October 2019

This month, we have been exploring colour in art. We started of by considering how colour could represent emotion before trying out some colour mixing including using primary colours to create secondary colours and also using white to create tints. We then experimented with printing and will be applying what we have learned to create our final pieces of work very soon.


We have also carried on working hard in the school garden. We have planted seeds which will grow over the winter. In spring, we will cut the plants and dig them into the soil to help to prepare it for when we can plant some vegetables. We have also made a bug hotel using old pallets, items we have found in the outdoor environment and “rubbish” that we have recycled. 

September 2019

September has been a busy month. We have been working hard to prepare two beds in the garden so that we can plant some green manure seeds over the winter which we will dig into the soil in spring before we plant some delicious vegetables. We have also been doing lots of geography, including planning our route to Old Sarum for our trip, investigating how symbols are used in everyday life, learning how to read grid references and investigating Ordnance Survey maps.

Welcome back!

Welcome back to school and hello to all of our new year 4 children. Miss Moore and Ms Farries are looking forward to learning alongside you this year!