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It is great to report that everybody has started the new term revived and refreshed after their much needed festive break. As ever, this first term of 2022 promises to be busy and exciting, full of lots of new learning opportunities. The main topic focus is going to be on the history of the Anglo-Saxons (with us moving seamlessly into the Viking period after the February mid-term break).

You can find a brief overview of the main aspects of the learning for each subject below. Just a little note that our PE days this term are Tuesdays and Thursdays (although I'm sure the children have informed you of this already).


Welcome Back Year 5!

It was great to see everybody back after a much-deserved (and hopefully relaxing) half-term break.

This term promises to be a busy and exciting seven weeks.

So what learning do we have in store?

Firstly, we will be continuing our 'To Infinity and Beyond' science-based topic. We will be creating content for an 'Astronaut's Handbook', considering how they train and what daily life in space is like. We will also be focusing on forces. This will include investigating the effects of friction with a particular focus on water resistance and air resistance, along with exploring levers and pulleys.

A full overview of this topic, along with what we will be covering in the other curriculum areas (including English and Mathematics) can be found below.

Welcome Back Lysanders!

Summer Term 2021.

I hope everybody was able to enjoy a restful Easter break. What does the next term have in store for us?

Well, our main study (with a History focus) will be on the theme of ANCIENT GREECE in which we will be covering a wide range of topics ranging from how Athens become so strong, through to the battle of Marathon, the origins of the Olympic Games, the various myths and legends, even a bit of a Shakespeare link, right through to evaluating the Ancient Greek legacy. 

A fuller overview of this topic, along with what we will be covering in the other curriculum areas (including English and Mathematics of course) will be attached soon. We have what promises to be a busy few weeks ahead of us. Enter text...

Week beginning 15th March

Hi there Lysanders!

Here is a brief 'heads-up' for what we will be learning about over the course of this week.

In MATHEMATICS, we'll continue our revision of some of the key learning objectives/steps for Year 5 - multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100, finding factors and multiples and finishing the week with a surgery for multiplying and dividing four digits by one digit.

In LITERACY, we'll use 'Carrie's War' as our first writing focus again (when we look at creating a film review, a setting description and a scripted scene). Towards the end of the week, we'll start to look at the film version of 'Tom's Midnight Garden' and storyboard the key events.

In GUIDED READING, we'll continue to work through Michael Morpurgo's 'Kensuke's Kingdom' and in SCIENCE, we will begin our Materials & Properties unit of work.

We'll be combining our ART with PSHE when we begin to look at the book, 'The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse' as our inspiration. In FRENCH, we'll learn the name of some French foods and in RE, we'll begin our Easter unit by learning all about Lent. 

In PE, we'll will continue to practise and refine our Ultimate Frisbee skills (with some more archery being on the cards if the weather forces us back indoors) and finally, we will begin our MUSIC unit with the focus upon the history of music.

Enter text...

Week beginning 8th March - Welcome Back Lysanders!

It has been fantastic to finally have the WHOLE class back together again this week - all the smiles, happiness and laughter of everyone seeing one another again was great to see.

During our final ZOOM meeting last week, I promised that it wouldn't take long for everybody to settle back into the daily routine in school and that is exactly what has happened. Well done everybody - you've ALL shown brilliant focus and positivity in your learning and you have made my job so easy. You can give yourselves a congratulatory 'pat on the back' for making such a wonderful 'new' start to our SPRING term. 

Amazingly, we have been able to hit the ground running this week and kick-started the different areas of learning we will be focussing upon over the next four weeks or so.

In our English, we have made a start on watching a film version of our previous guided reading book, 'Carrie's War'. This is providing the stimulus for some of our writing (and will be followed by a similar idea but using the screen version of 'Tom's Midnight Garden'). We've kicked off our new Guided Reading sessions using 'Kensuke's Kingdom' as our main book and, within Mathematics, we have started revisiting some key objectives covered earlier in the term (beginning with formal methods of multiplication and division). We've even managed to get in some ARCHERY practice during our first PE session back AND learned about the . who? where? when? and why? of the Anglo-Saxons.

Oh, and I mustn't forget to mention that all the mums out there should be receiving a little something to help celebrate their special day this upcoming weekend.


And of course, a very special 'Thank You' to ALL the parents, grandparents, carers and other family members who have selflessly devoted so much of their precious time to help the children with their home learning over the past two months or so. You have done a terrific job in extremely difficult circumstances and have my absolute appreciation, gratitude and respect. THANK YOU again.






Morning Everybody Wow!

I received so many posts from you yesterday - amazing.

Some fantastic learning was going on - very impressive indeed.

Super effort :-)) I know how hard it must be for a lot of you so, as I have already said, do not worry if you can not get all the activities completed. You can only do your best.

Now Friday would work a little differently if we were all in school. For a start, we would definitely have an UPDATE slot to spend more time on activities from earlier in the week.

There might be a maths SURGERY to practise any tricky learning that we had done. We would also have a longer PE slot and maybe also a bit of Golden Time as well (if we could squeeze it in).

Oh...and a SPELLING test as well :-)) So...I will put a 'looser' timetable here for you if you want to use it:

EMW (Early Morning Work) - Have a go at testing yourself on the SPELLINGS for the week (the -ITY suffix words).

MATHS - I'll post the next STEP but you might want to do HALF your time on the new learning and HALF your time practising some of the STEPS from earlier this week (you could even spend some time on MATHLETICS or TT ROCKSTARS instead).

GUIDED READING - this is CHAPTER 5 from Tom's Midnight Garden - we have to carry on with this or we will never finish the book :-))

OR you can spend some time on READING EGGSPRESS (I look at the reports every day so I know what people are able to do).

LITERACY - Now we would probably be spending time on PROOF-READING, SHARING & EDITING our writing from earlier this week.

However, if you want something new... Try and write/design a job advertisement/poster for a BEAST SLAYER/HERO to take care of GRENDEL.

AFTERNOON UPDATE - spend some more time finishing off or improving any learning from the morning/earlier this week.

PE - Make sure you get some physical activity completed (I think PE with Joe will be starting again next week).

GOLDEN TIME - We will draw 'THOR' from the 'cartooning4kids' website.

Have a great weekend:-)






Morning everybody.

Thank you to all those who sent me in so much amazing learning from yesterday - I was incredibly impressed by your efforts.

I know how difficult it must be trying to work at home - it is VERY different.

Just a few things before the timetable...

1) The way Seesaw works, you will receive lots of activities but they will be in reverse order from how we are doing the activities in school. However, you can choose to do them in ANY order.

2) You can just spend your learning time on some of the activities, not all of them, if you wish. 3) I HEREBY GIVE YOU ALL PERMISSION TO WRITE IN PEN - to be honest, I find it MUCH easier to read your uploaded work in pen.

9:00 EMW (Early Morning Work) - You can practise your HANDWRITING OR try the TIMESTABLES QUESTIONS. No more than about 10 - 15 mins.

9:10/15 MATHEMATICS - You can spend up to 1 hour (60 mins) on this - longer if you do the REASONING & PROBLEM SOLVING CHALLENGES.

10:10/15 SPELLING - Have a go at the SPELLING STAIRS activity - probably about 10 - 15 mins or so on this.

10:30-ish BREAK & SNACK :-))

10:45-ish LITERACY/WRITING - This is another descriptive writing task AND some artwork to accompany it if you wish. I would spend a total of 75 mins BUT have another brain-break in the middle. Remember to include time to PROOF-READ & EDIT your writing.

12:00 - 1:00-ish LUNCH & Rest

1:00 GUIDED READING - Chapter 4 Tom's Midnight Garden activity - should probably spend around 30 mins on this.

1:30 GRAMMAR - this is another REVISION video - hopefully, you won't find it too tricky. Allow about 30 mins.

2:00-ish This is UPDATE or physical activity time. In school, we will probably focus on some artwork for Grendel's lair (and maybe the great mead-hall, Heorot). Remember, the government is saying a minimum of THREE hours of learning a day - I am providing extra BUT you do not have to do it all.

Have a great day and I look forward to receiving your posts. :-))))).




Wednesday 6th January TIMETABLE IDEAS


Morning everybody.

I know that it is probably very tricky getting back into a home learning routine (especially after we had only had one day in school after the Christmas holidays) so I thought that I would give you a timetable (like we have in class) for you to try and follow.

Of course, it is up to the adults you are with to organise your day but this might help.

The government say that you should be doing a minimum (at least) 3 hours of learning at home.

You might find that you need some more breaks because it can be quite intense working on your own without the occasional distraction of a 'chat' with your learning partner or a discussion of your learning with the class :-))

Anyway, try this for a plan:

9:00 EMW (Early Morning Work) - this week, you can either practise some handwriting (just 10 mins, writing out a paragraph from a reading book - try and copy the style that we use at school - remember to join up your letters).

9:10 MATHEMATICS - You can spend up to 1 hour (60 mins) on this - longer if you do the REASONING & PROBLEM SOLVING CHALLENGES.

10:10 SPELLING - Have a go at one of the spelling sentence challenges - about 20 mins on this.

10:30 BREAK & SNACK :-))

10:45 LITERACY/WRITING - There are a couple of activities here - probably start with the synonyms/definitions task (20-30 mins) and have a 5 min break before starting the descriptive writing activity - always trickier coming up with ideas.

12:00 - 1:00 LUNCH & Rest

1:00 GUIDED READING - we would normally have independent reading here but try the Tom's Midnight Garden activity instead - should probably spend around 30 mins on this.

1:30 GRAMMAR - this is a REVISION video - hopefully, you won't find it too tricky. The video is officially 19 mins long but you have to pause it AND do some writing. Allow about 30 mins.

2:00 Now, I know you're thinking we usually have PE every Wednesday morning - you could do something active now OR you can UPDATE (finish off anything from today). Enjoy your day:-))




Tuesday 5th January 2021

Good Morning Year 5 Superstars

Well, I think we might just have set a new record for the shortest term spent in school - at least we managed one day (unlike the secondary schools) and got a chance to chat to each other about what we did over the holidays.

I am so sorry that you will have to be doing all of your learning from home for a while (I was not expecting it yesterday) but we will make the best of it and the good news is that most of you are already confident at using Seesaw for your homework tasks.

As from tomorrow, I will 'assign' new activities for each day and will be able to interact with you/give you feedback on how well you have completed each of the tasks.

Just for today though, I would like you to have a go at the following:

1) Spend some time on READING EGGSPRESS.

See how many of the TARGET activities you can get through.

2) Log in to both of your MATHLETICS and TT ROCKSTARS accounts and spend some time on each of those.

3) For those of you who were in yesterday and heard/watched the beginning of BEOWULF, see if you can write a descriptive piece about the great hall, Heorot, and the magnificent feast celebrating its opening. If you are feeling confident, you could try and write a description of Grendel's first attack and the scene of devastation afterwards.

4) MATHS - I'm going to put some multiplication sheets up for you to have a go at (answer them using the text option NOT on the sheets themselves).

5) I'm also putting on some guided reading pages/questions for you to have a go at from 'Tom's Midnight Garden'. If you have ANY difficulty, just send a message and I'll see if I can help.

Have fun:-)

Mr M.



Enter text...



Hello there Year 5 Superstars.

I know this last week has been a particularly tiring one because of the assessments we have been doing (just two more to come next week - in mathematics) but I have been extremely proud of how well you have all dealt with the added workload.

In spite of the tests, we have still managed to cram in quite a lot of our 'regular' learning... We have kept working on our balanced argument writing (looking at both the pros and cons of zoos AND being a famous celebrity) - this has been a particularly challenging unit because of the 'formal' style of writing that is needed - but everybody's progress has been excellent (give yourselves a congratulatory 'pat on the back' :-)).

In mathematics, we've looked at square and cube numbers, as well as multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 & 1000.

In science, we've finished off looking at our gravity and air resistance investigations, whilst moving on to look at buoyancy, upthrust and streamlined shapes.

We managed to get started on our new class book, 'Cosmic', AND fine tune our 'skittleball' skills in rather chilly conditions on Friday afternoon:-))

In music, we listened to and talked about more of Gustav Holst's Planets Suite (Mercury & Jupiter).

On that note, I'll give bonus TPs to anyone who can remember the main woodwind instruments that we talked about AND the full names of the two pieces of the music :-)).

Which brings us to the homework...

Imagine that you are amongst the FIRST humans to set foot on a new, unexplored planet in a distant galaxy. I would like you to write a SHORT piece of writing (no more than TWO paragraphs) with a focus upon senses - what you can see, hear, smell etc AND include your thoughts and feelings/emotions. This will help you with some of the writing you will be working on later. Enjoy :-)




Hello there Year 5 Superstars!

I think this week has been very busy again and, I must say, I've been extremely impressed with how everybody has been trying really hard to increase their levels of focus and there has been some amazing learning going on - keep it up!

Lots of science has been happening - somehow, we managed to carry out TWO extended investigations linked to gravity and air resistance but my personal favourite was our 'dropper' design challenge - great fun! There were some excellent designs but a special 'Well done' has to go to Lexie for fighting off some stiff competition to become the overall winner with her creative (and I must say, rather 'calming and relaxing') dropper.

We've also continued with our balanced argument writing (and we will be finishing this unit of work off next week) - if you want to get ahead of the game a little for next week, see if you can start thinking about some of the 'pros' and 'cons' of being a famous celebrity.

In mathematics, we've learned about multiples, factors, common factors and prime numbers.

In PE, we've continued to improve our 'skittleball' skills and 'thrown some shapes' on the dance floor (well, hall floor actually) whilst learning a bucket full of disco dance moves.

We also managed to finish our second book of this year within guided reading. Which brings me on to our homework for the week...

I would like you all to write a book review for 'Clockwork'. Hopefully, you can remember what we did when we finished our last book ('There's a boy in the girls' bathroom'). If not, here's a brief recap of what I would like you to include...

1) List the main characters (to raise the level of your review, you need to give a little additional information about the characters themselves).

2) Give a summary of the plot of the book (use the key events to help).

3) Your opinion (justify your reasons and include your favourite scenes/characters).

4) Recommendation (who is the book suited to and give it a score).




Hi there Year 5 Superstars!
What an unbelievable amount of rain we had yesterday (Saturday) - I'm hoping we have some dry spells today so that I can get outside and go for one of my walks around my village (I need to get my exercise :-))

Well, let's have a quick review of some of the main parts of our learning from the week.

In mathematics, we tried to get to grips with 'interpreting' (remember the meaning of that word???) different tables and timetables (a tricky step) and then moved on to multiples and factors.

In English, we continued with our balanced argument work and started to compose our own written piece of the 'pros' and 'cons' of graffiti and street art.

In science, we started to learn a little bit about the force of 'gravity' and Isaac Newton.

In computing, we continued with our Powerpoint biographies of Gustav Holst (all of which we will look at together on the 'big screen' when they are completed).

This, of course, links with our music and we got to listen to 'Mars - the bringer of war' from the 'Planets Suite' and learned a little about the string instrument family. Can anybody remember the names of the four key stringed instruments within the orchestra???
A bonus TP if you can also remember the word for the special way of tapping the strings with the bow which we looked at:-))

In PE, we had a couple of great sessions practising our throwing/catching and 'skittleball' skills and in guided reading, we managed to read on to the final section (part 3) of our book 'Clockwork'.

Which brings us to our HOMEWORK... I would like you to think about what has happened in the story so far and see if you can identify what you think are the 'key events'. Remember, we have done this type of activity before. Make sure that you write them in 'chronological' order (in the order that they happened).
How many events am I looking for? I would say a 'minimum' of 6 but a 'maximum' of 10.
Have a go and I look forward to looking at them over the next few days.

Year 5


Hello Year 5 Superstars!
Well, we've come to the end of yet another busy week. Amongst other things, we have;
learned how to interpret and solve problems involving line graphs and tables of information; begun reading our new guided reading book, 'Clockwork', started a mini biography of Gustav Holst (he of the 'Planet Suite' fame); started our 'astronaut handbooks'; tried to learn some pretty tricky 'popping and locking' street dance moves; learned about modal verbs AND started a mini-unit on balanced argument writing - which brings me to our homework...
Hopefully, you can all remember some (if not all) of the key features of a balanced argument.
What I'd like everybody to do is the following;
See if you can come up with TWO points FOR & AGAINST the following topics/themes:
1) Are Premier League footballers paid too much money?
2) Should children choose their own bedtime?
3) Should children be allowed to keep animals as pets? (hopefully, you will remember some of the points we discussed last week).
4) Are zoos a good thing?
5) Should children be limited to just TWO hours of media time each day (ie. time watching TV, going on the laptop/computer, playing games (on the XBox Series/PS4 Pro/Nintendo Switch etc))?

I am really looking for expanded ideas (try and JUSTIFY your ideas for each topic either FOR or AGAINST).
I suggest that you use the text/writing option within the app.
If you would prefer writing your ideas on paper and then taking a picture to send to me, PLEASE make sure that the writing/image is big enough for me to read (Remember the ones that we looked at before half-term?).

Please DO NOT worry if you cannot think of ideas for ALL the topics - just do as much as you can:-)

Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing your ideas over the next week.
Take care.
Mr M:-)