Old Sarum Primary School

Aspiration Value

Old Sarum Primary Values:

Community, Trust, Inclusion, Resilience, Aspiration 


What does it look like?

What might it sound like?

What is it not?


·       Achieving their highest potential

·       Understanding their own attainment and progress

·       Knowing their next steps and areas of improvement

·       Having a can do attitude to their learning

·       Encouraging high aspirations for others e.g. their peers

·       Knowing and understanding the positive reward systems in place

·       Opportunities to explore the wider world and outside of the locality of the school.

·       Irrespective of...

·       Asking for help to get to the next step

·       Challenging themselves


·         I am good at…

·         I need to improve at…

·         When I am older I want to be…

·         Giving up

·         Stopping others from learning

·         Having a fixed mindset

·         Having no role models

·         Having your aspirations quashed




·       Setting high expectations for all children that we teach

·       Creating a classroom culture of high expectations

·       Using assessment data to set aspirational targets and identifying next steps for accelerated progress

·       Attending CPD, both directed and for own professional development to remain at the forefront of research based practice.

·       Having a can do attitude to what we and our pupils can achieve


·         We want you too…

·         Your targets are…

·         I am developing…

·         We believe in you…



·         Capping children’s learning

·         Settting low expectations for their class/year group

·         Labelling children or putting them within boxes

·         Making assumptions.


Leaders and Governance

·       Creating a culture of high expectations and rapid improvement

·       Set whole school aspirational data targets

·       Targeted CPD that develops teachers ability to deliver QFT

·       Having a can do attitude to what our staff can achieve

·       Empowering others to lead

·       Growing leaders

·       Succession planning



·         What are our priorities and why?

·         How can we develop our leaders?

·         What CPD do we need for…

·         What is the impact of…?

·         Setting low expectations for pupils/ staff/ eachother

·         Not holding others to account



Pedagogy and Curriculm

·         A fully rounded curriculum which develops cultural capital and life experiences

·         A curriculum, which is built around high aspirations and expectations.

·         Personal Development curriculum exposes children to different career aspirations, goals and role models.

·         Broadens children’s exposure to culturally diverse experiences and individuals.



·         How can we develop the curriculm further?

·         How can we enhance…?

·         How can we represent these groups/ experiences within our curriculum?

·         Who can we invite in as a role model for…











·         A poor curriculum that does not teach pupils knowledge and skills.

·         No reference to the wider world/ jons/ careers