Old Sarum Primary School

Science at Old Sarum Primary

How is Science taught at Old Sarum Primary School

At Old Sarum Primary school, we encourage children to be inquisitive and curious about the world around them. By equipping pupils with scientific skills and language, we enable them to explore and make sense of a multitude of fascinating scientific concepts. These range from first-hand experiences of natural habitats in our own Nature Zone, to exploring the complexities of our vast and mysterious universe. Our future scientists are raising questions, exploring the answers with child-led investigations, and striving to seek the truth.

In the classrooms you will see:

  • Explicit teaching of skills, knowledge and vocabulary
  • A high level of scientific dialogue between teachers and pupils
  • A progression in conceptual understanding as children move through the school
  • Opportunities for child led investigations
  • Use of a variety of equipment during experiments
  • Scaffolds to support children’s understanding