Old Sarum Primary School

Music at Old Sarum Primary

How we teach Music

In the EYFS, music is threaded through the areas of learning and development. Across the rest of the Primary school, children are taught music using ’Sing Up’  a creative and active musical approach to lessons, connecting singing and playingcomposing and improvisinglistening and appraising.  We also have weekly whole school singing assemblies. We also ensure that our children have opportunities to sing and perform to parents during the year and to the wider community where possible.

What you will see in classrooms:

At Old Sarum Primary, every child is a musician.

  • They learn to develop their singing skills from simple chants and melodies to more complex songs, including those in different parts.
  • They learn to play a wide range of tuned and untuned classroom percussion instruments, working towards final performances and recordings.
  • They create their own music, from different stimuli including art, stories and musical starting points and learn to be reflective composers, who can edit and improve their work.
  • They listen to a wide range of music from different times, places and cultures, learning to respond physically and through a developing musical vocabulary.
  • The development of skills and musical knowledge is cumulative, therefore many activities are revisited during EYFS, KS1 and KS2 to practise previously learned skills and knowledge and then to build upon them.