Old Sarum Primary School

Vision and Values

The Old Sarum Way- Our School Vision and Values

Our school vision sits at the heart of everything we do and all our decision making at OSP:

We will make a difference by providing every child with a safe, nurturing environment in which they are valued, belong and can thrive.

We will make a difference by inspiring in every child the desire, curiosity, confidence, opportunities, knowledge and skills to learn and achieve.

We will make a difference by developing in every child the tools to listen, understand, empathise and form and maintain positive relationships.

We will make a difference by enriching the lives of every child, ensuring they leave us with happy memories, secure outcomes, life skills, ambitions and dreams.

We have also carefully selected five school values that we regularly refer to, reflect on, strive to demonstrate and that we know you will get a sense of when you step through our doors. 

Our core values: