Old Sarum Primary School

Special Educational Needs

Old Sarum Primary encourages the participation and inclusion of all children and, in accordance with our Equality Policy; this includes those with special educational needs. We aim to provide support for the physically disadvantaged, less able and gifted pupils at all stages.

We fully implement the Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs and our policy is reviewed annually. Teachers provide appropriate activities and support programmes to assist the development of all children in the class. The school can draw upon the help of our Special Needs Coordinator, the support and expertise of the Special Needs Support Team, other agencies and other schools within the local area.

The school works in partnership with parents recognising that parents play a key role in the education of their children. We keep parents informed and involved. Governors report to parents on the implications of the school’s policy for pupils with special educational needs in the Annual Report to Parents. The school environment is designed to be accessible to all.

If you wish to speak to our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator (SENDCO) please contact Mrs Shannen Tyrell on 01722 410677 or email styrell@oldsarum.wilts.sch.uk 

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