Old Sarum Primary School

Maths at Old Sarum Primary



We aim to develop the children’s enjoyment of maths and inspire them to make connections across the mathematical concepts.  We want to ensure all of our children use mathematics to develop a sense of curiosity, to justify and explain mathematically and to have a sound grasp of mathematical concepts.


Our maths curriculum is designed so that children develop a strong understanding of key mathematical concepts which builds on prior learning as they progress through the school. We teach Maths through a process of modelling, guided practice and applying, using a variety of concrete and pictorial representations to support a conceptual understanding of the subject.


Topics are broken down to cover 4 main strands:

  • Number (Place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percentages, algebra, ratio and proportion)
  • Measurements
  • Geometry (properties of shape, position and direction)
  • Statistics


How it is taught and why

Maths is taught daily and children are encouraged make independent use of concrete and pictorial resources to support their understanding, and to use mathematical vocabulary to explain their thinking. Problem solving skills are clearly modelled and taught to enable children to tackle problems independently and reason mathematically.


Our aim is that children will

  • Use of concrete, pictorial and abstract representations of number
  • Understand and can apply key mathematical vocabulary
  • Understand the four operations
  • Engage in a high level of mathematical dialogue
  • Are problem solvers who can apply logic and reasoning to a wide variety of problems.