Old Sarum Primary School

School Uniform

School Uniform and Equipment

All uniform requirements can be bought directly from Kids Klobber, Endless Street, Salisbury. We do not keep uniform for sale in school. You can contact them via their Facebook page, go in store or call 01722 321200.

All children are expected to wear school uniform. The wearing of jewellery is not permitted on safety grounds except for watches. Children with pierced ears should wear studs or sleepers but these should be removed for P.E. on the grounds of safety. Please name all items of clothing. Spectacles to be carried in a proper case. Shoes to be “sensible”, for safety, with flat soles and preferably black/brown/blue. Children should not wear trainers.

Winter Uniform


Grey or black skirt or pinafore

Grey / black trousers

White blouse / white polo shirt

Navy cardigan or sweatshirt 

White socks or dark tights


Grey / black trousers

White shirt / white polo shirt

Navy jumper or sweatshirt

Grey / black socks

Summer Uniform

Blue & white checked dress

Grey pinafore or skirt

Navy cardigan

White socks or dark tights

Grey / black shorts or trousers

White shirt / white polo shirt

Navy jumper or sweatshirt

Grey / black socks

PE Kit

White t-shirt or royal blue t-shirt with school logo

Black shorts

Black jogging trousers

Trainers for outside PE in shoe bag

You may also buy book bags, hair accessories etc. from Kids Klobber (our uniform provider). You can contact them via their Facebook page, go in store or call 01722 321200.

Please also note the following -

All items of school uniform and equipment should be named please.

  • Coats should have a ‘loop’ for hanging on a peg.

  • School bags should be small.

  • No aerosol cans permitted in school.

  • P.E. kit should normally be kept in school, in a P.E. bag, at all times. We will send it home for washing at half terms.

  • We do not encourage children to bring toys to school, as they can get lost or broken. If your child needs to bring a toy; they may bring one small, ‘pocket-sized’ toy, but nothing that is too valuable, precious or breakable please!

 Logo products Price List - Kids klobber

 Sweatshirts: £10.50 up to age 11-12 / 34" chest, £12.50 35" chest, £13.50 XS/36" chest, S/38" chest

 Cardigans: £12.50 up to age 11-12 / 34" chest, £13.50 XS/36" chest, £14.50 S/38" chest & M/40" chest

 P.E. T-shirts £6.50 up to age 11-12 / 34" chest, XS/36" chest £7.00, S/38" chest & M/40" chest £8.00

 Book bags £6.00

 We also have all generic clothing:

 Boys' trousers from £5 (sturdy & stocky fits from £9)

 Girls' skirts from £5

 Girls' pinafores from £11

 Girls' trousers from £8

 White polo shirts (short sleeved) from £4 & long sleeved polo shirts £6

 Packs of socks £3-£4

 P.E. shorts £3-£6 depending on style & size

 Plimsolls from £3.50

 P.E. bags £2.95

 Tracksuit bottoms £6

Mouth Guards

Parents need to consider whether or not their child needs to wear a mouth guard for sporting activities in school. In our opinion, there is a very low risk of injury, especially for KS1 pupils, but KS2 pupils do play hockey, for example, where the risk is greater. We do not want to enforce the wearing of mouth guards but approve of the use of them where appropriate.


Occasionally pupils wear personal items to school, which constitute a health and safety hazard. The following recommendations are in line with our Health and Safety Policy and reflect our commitment to the safety of all in our school.

   The wearing of jewellery is discouraged with the exception of a watch.

   No studs or rings may be worn

   Some hair accessories can be hazardous in an activity which involves physical contact. Hair decorations should be simple and practical.

   Teachers regularly check that these guidelines are being observed and complied with.

   The responsibility for the safe-keeping of jewellery rests with the pupil.


Stud earrings may be worn for 10 days directly after ears are pierced to facilitate healing. Stud earrings must be removed after this period or when the wounds have healed, whichever is the sooner. The help, support and co-operation of parents in implementing this policy is greatly appreciated. It has been written with the safety of your child in mind.