Old Sarum Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages at Old Sarum Primary

How we teach French at Old Sarum Primary School

Our language curriculum is designed so the children learn common structures which they can then apply in different contexts with new vocabulary, helping to embed their understanding and build on their prior learning as they progress through the school.

Children develop an enjoyment and enthusiasm for language learning through the use of story books, games, flashcards and songs.

The children leave Old Sarum Primary with an understanding other cultures, equipped with the language learning skills to provide a solid foundation for future language development.

What you will see in classrooms:

  • Clear modelling using ‘I do/you do’ to build confidence in speaking and listening for all
  • Children enjoying themselves and feeling confident to take risks when trying new language
  • Scaffolds used to support all children when they are reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Cultural diversity being celebrated