Old Sarum Primary School

Religious Education at Old Sarum Primary

How is Religious Education taught at Old Sarum Primary School

At Old Sarum we teach Religious Education from the starting point of a key concept. Through this our children experience the bigger picture and a wider context for the religion being taught. This gives our children a grounding in non-religion so that they can grasp their place in the world. From here we build on specific Religious Education knowledge that our children can link to what they have been taught from previous years and what they know about the world around them. This helps our children to develop a sense of tolerance, respect and spirituality. 

What does that look like in our lessons:

  • Curious and engaged children discussing ideas and asking thoughtful questions
  • Children respectfully listening and questioning each other’s ideas
  • Teachers facilitating discussions and inspiring children to think deeply on topics
  • Children learning about specific areas of religion through engaging lessons, visits to religious places, looking at artefacts and having religious speakers in to school.
  • Reflecting our multicultural society, children learning about different religions and beliefs throughout their time at Old Sarum. These include; Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam.