Old Sarum Primary School


Old Sarum Primary Values:

Community, Trust, Inclusion, Resilience, Aspiration



What does it look like?

What might it sound like?

What is it not?


·         Feel included and have a sense of belonging

·         Feel valued and that their voice is heard

·         Work well together as a team

·         Respectful of each other and the school environment around them

·         Celebrate successes of others

·         Follow the school rules and understand that these are in place to make our school community a happy place

·         Celebrate acheivement and diversity in the community

·         Represent their community well and are involved in the wider community

·         Are proud of their community

·         Our school…

·         We…

·         Come and work with me…

·         Lets work together

·         You did really well with that

·         Not following the school rules in school and when in the wider community

·         Not showing respect to others within the school community.

·         Excluding other children from joining in with their activities/ games.

·         Not feeling part of the community


·         Safeguard children within school and the community

·         Spend time getting to know the children’s interests

·         Build professional relationships with other members of staff

·         Are respectful to all within the school community

·         Work collaboratively

·         Follow the systems, policies and protocols at OSP consistently

·         Encourage others around them

·         Make a positive contribution to the wider life and ethos of the school

·         Step up to go above and beyond for the community

·         How can I/ we support you with that?

·         I can help

·         We can work through this together


·         Making pupils or staff feel excluded

·         Not supporting all children to achieve their full potential

·         Not being involved in all apsects of school life – giving bare minimum.

Leaders and Governance

·         Remain professional at all times following procedures and protocols to support he whole community

·         Value the voice of all members of the team, ensuring everyone feels listened to, regardless of hierarchy

·         Ensure the school culture is focused on togetherness and this is consistent across the whole school

·         Actively seek and plan ways for children to be involved in the woder community



·         What could we do differently?

·         What can we learn from this?

·         Who has expertise with this in our team?

·         What barriers are there to x and how can we overcome them?


·         Do not take concerns seriously

·         Do not listen to staff/ children/ parents

·         Does nothing to address issues

·         See things that need changing/ are not working and does nothing about it

·         Afraid to have difficult/ honest conversations

·         Does not consider staff wellbeing and workload

·         Do not put children first/ hold others to account

·         Do not identify priorites

·         Do not strategically plan

Pedagogy and Curriculm

·         A curriciculum that develops a whole school culture of belonging.

·         There are opportunities for collaborative learning.

·         The curriculum is broad and balanced, ensuring it encourages divserity. 

·         School rules and values are consistently followed and opportunities for explicitly teaching these are clear.

·         Planned opportunities to involve the wider community


*We can all support your child by…

*What more can we do?

*How can we resolve this together?

*A narrow curriculm that does not reflect the community needs and encourage diversity

*Working in isolation

*Not considering the needs of all member sof the community

*Not communicating with all stakeholders