Old Sarum Primary School



The Old Sarum challenge has been designed to support and celebrate the achievements made by children outside of the curriculum. We truly believe in creating life long learners that will continue to access all the world has to offer after their time with us.  Therefore we wish to celebrate when children learn skills that will help them in their future. 


We have designed these challenges to help support children achieve the skills that are linked to their age group.  Each child has a passport, this details the challenges for each year group and helps children to see when they have completed a section. The initiative challenge has been left blank ready to fill with any other challenges the children feel they have completed.


When each child has completed a full section of challenges they receive a badge to add to their collection. This happens in a celebratory assembly where we showcase the work that children have provided as evidence of completing the challenges. Any child who has taken part in the Old Sarum Challenge is also eligible to take part in an exciting activity each half-term to celebrate their achievements. 

 As children travel on their journey throughout the school they will continue to build a collection of badges and hopefully they will complete the Old Sarum Challenge!