Old Sarum Primary School

Resilience Value

Old Sarum Primary Values:

Community, Trust, Inclusion, Resilience, Aspiration 


What does it look like?

What might it sound like?

What is it not?


·         Understand the power of yet and a growth mindset

·         Have a belief that situations can change

·         Able to perservere

·         Able to form relationships

·         Have a belief that progress is possible

·         Have another go when something has gone wrong

·         Can use frustrations to drive them forward

·         Can accept other viewpoints that may be different form their own

·         Can accept constructive feedback

·         Able to self-regulate

·         Have confidence and trust

·         Understand ‘why’ situations happen

·         Are able to reflect

·         Are able to repair when things have gone wrong

·         Able to rebound from challenges and setbacks


·         I need to try again

·         I believe in myself

·         I have the ability to solve a problem by…

·         I can do this

·         I’m not going to give up

·         It may be tough now but it wll get easier

·         Not wanting to try

·         Giving up too easily

·         Not waiting to form/ repair relationships

·         Unable to trust



·         Able to take on board constructive advice and feedback to improve practice

·         Not giving up when presented with a problem

·         Looking a a challenge as something that can be overcome

·         A willingness to adapt in order to solve the problem

·         A willingness to be flexible

·         When something goes wrong being able to rebound from the challenge and start again

·         Able to manage workload/ demands/ pressures

·         Know where to get help or support if needed and able to do so

·         Have self- help strategies on place


·         I will try again

·         I believe in myself

·         I can solve a problem by…

·         Can we work together to solve the problem?

·         I can adapt by…

·         I need help with….

·         I will take that on board

·         Giving up in difficult situations

·         Not asking for help to solve the problem

·         Not believing in yourself

·         Always believing in the negative

·         Not willing to try

·         Having no self belief

·         Catastrophising

Leaders and Governance

·         Maintain emotional equilibrium and  composure

·         Provide a reassuring presence

·         Adapt readily to minimize disruption

·         Handle mistakes or setbacks with poise and grace

·         Put stressful experiences into perspective and do not dwell on them

·         Invest in the physical and psychological health of themselves and others

·         Communicate confidence and steadiness during difficult times

·         Support others to adapt

·         Empower others to perservere

·         Work as a team to find solutions

·         Ensure there is clarity of communication and consistency of policies and procedures

·         Have support systems in place to enable themselves and others to cope with emotional overload

·         Able to delegate to others/ use models of distributed leadership

·         What can we do to help you?

·         How can we improve on this?

·         What can we learn from this?

·         What do you think that could look like?

·         It will get better

·         We are doing this because….

·         Lets take some time to reflect and come back to this

·         Not coping under stress

·         Unable to manage negative emotions.

·         Unable to adapt to new situations

·         Unable to handle set backs

·         Dwelling on things that have not gone as planned.

·         Unable to communicate during difficult times

·         Unable to ask for support when emotionaly overloaded

·         Unsuportive to others

·         Doing too much and ‘burning out’

·         Unable to delegate

Pedagogy and Curriculm

·         A curriculum that teaches resilience.

·         Whole school culture and ethos of resilience.

·         Resilience is celebrated

·         Prositive praise when resilience is shown

·         Providing the skills/toolkit for resilience

·         Utilises Restorative Practice





·         In our school we….

·         If I struggle with a problem then I ….

·         Well done for showing resilience/ perservering

·         How can we repair this?




·         Pupils/Staff/leaders being told off for not being resilient

·         A school culture that does not value or teach resilience

·         No opportunities for grappling/ building resilience

·         No challenge